Asphalt Storage Tanks

asphalt storage tank

Best Asphalt Storage Tanks for Sale

Asphalt storage tank is a container used to store and produce asphalt, polymer modified asphalt, liquid asphalt cement and mix asphalt, they also can be used as asphalt emulsion storage tanks. They are widely used for hot mix asphalt plant, asphalt terminal, and asphalt roofing plants. Asphalt storage tanks in the asphalt reservoir are usually vertical storage tanks, which can be equipped with asphalt drum mix plant, asphalt storage tank heaters, low-level controls and overflow protection.

Asphalt insulation is an important procedure for asphalt storage tanks, ANSON designs every asphalt cement storage tanks with a 6 inches fiberglass insulation, the top and bottom of vertical asphalt storage tanks are also insulated.

ANOSN’s asphalt storage tanks capacity range from 10,000 gallons up to 50,000 gallons. Larger capacity for horizontal asphalt storage tanks and portable asphalt storage tanks are also available.

ANSON Asphalt Storage Tanks Specification
  Vertical Horizontal Portable
Min. Capacity (gal) 10,000 10,000 10,000
Max. Capacity (gal) 45,000 50,000 35,000

Asphalt Storage Tanks Heater

Asphalt storage tanks are usually equipped with asphalt heaters, most of asphalt in ANSON are heated by heating transfer oil through heating coils on the bottom of the storage tank, the energy comes in a wide range of options – fuel oil (light or heavy), coal, coal gas, electrical energy, bioenergy, fuel wood, and the solar energy, etc. Direct - fired heating, which heat asphalt by a burner that the fires directly from a fire tube mounted inside the storage tank, is another heating method with the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving. Certainly, electric heating is also available.  

ANSON Asphalt Storage Tanks Advantages

vertical asphalt storage tanks structure
Vertical Asphalt Storage Tanks Structure
horizontal asphalt storage tanks structure 
Horizontal Asphalt Stoage Tanks Structure

ANSON Tank Accessories
We can install your storage tank with all accessories and equipments to fit your specific needs. ANSON provides a wide range of accessories for you to choose from - pumps, valves, vents, nozzles, gauges, stairs, platforms. Inspection systems and fire protection system is also available.
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