Internal Floating Roof Tank

internal floating roof tank

Standard for the implementation of internal floating roof tanks

Internal floating roof tank

Internal floating roof tank is known as the internal floating roof tank, floating roof tank, storage tank of the floating plate, internal floating disc, tanks and other, specifically refers to the tanks and tank installation of aluminum, stainless steel material of the inner floating roof to prevent tank of liquid volatilization of a kind of environmental protection and economic, belongs to the dome tank fitting floating roof, dome roof tank and internal floating roof structure is combined with the volatile liquid tank, combining with the tank outside the vault and the inside of the tank floating roof, at present in gasoline, aviation kerosene and volatile stronger chemical liquid has been widely used.

Internall floating roof structure

Internal floating roof or internal floating disc is that floats on the oil tank liquid level with the oil and liquid lifting floating roof, covering the surface of the liquid is currently recognized as the most ideal reduce oil evaporation loss in the most economical, the most practical method using the inner floating roof.
internal floating roof tank construction

Internal floating roof oil tank features:

Internal floating roof oil tank applicable scope:

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