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Best Propane Tanks for Sale with Multiple Propane Tank Specs and Sizes

What is propane tank
Propane tank is a pressure vessel for the storage of propane and other related media, and is in the leading stage of science and technology at present in China. Propane tank can store the high pure propane which is required by steel mills, hospitals, gas production plants, food and beverage industry, welding and other industries. Propane tank not only is economic and security, but also reduces the cost, and has been widely applied to many fields.
how to choose a suitable propane tank specs

Propane tank is a kind of cryogenic storage tanks, generally, cryogenic storage tank often adopts a vacuum powder insulation technology, the structure is a double wall container composited with inner container and external container. As for the type, it can be divided into two specs - vertical propane tank and horizontal propane tank. According to the contained media, material of inner container adopts austenitic stainless steel, that is 0Gr18Ni9; material of the external container can adopts Q235-B or Q345R according to the different condition of users and areas, what’s more, the interlayer between inner container and external container is filled with heat insulating material and be evacuated.

Propane tank technical parameters:

design pressure maximum working pressure design temperature working temperature material unit filling quantity
1.77Mpa 1.6Mpa -19℃~50℃ -19℃~50℃ Q345R \ 16MnDR 0.42t / m³

ANSON offers you with a wide range of propane tank specs to select

Propane tank is a steel cylinder ranging in size from 120 gallons to 1000 gallons for residential and 1000 gallons to 30,000 gallons for commercial and industrial applications, available for both aboveground and underground applications. ANSON is famous for its large specs propane tank with size more than 1,000 gallons for industrial and commercial applications because of its advanced fabrication technology, competitive price, and reliable quality.

ANSON propane tank owns a series of features as the following:

aboveground propane tank specs underground propane tank specs
aboveground propane tank specs underground propane tank specs

propane tank specs table:

propane tank specs capacity diameter length heigth weight
1990 gal propane tank specs 1990gal 46" 23'11" 4'7" 3400lbs
1450 gal propane tank specs 1450gal 46" 17'4"2 4'7" 2685lbs
1000 gal propane tank specs 1000gal 41" 16'0" 4'2" 1760lbs
500 gal propane tank specs 500gal 37" 9'11" 3'10" 949lbs
325 gal propane tank specs 325gal 30" 9'11" 3'3" 597lbs
250 gal propane tank specs 250gal 30" 7'10" 3'3" 483lbs
150 gal propane tank specs 150gal 24" 5'8" 2'9" 314lbs
120 gal propane tank specs 120gal 24" 5'9" 2'9" 257lbs
vertical propane tank specs V - 120gal 30" n/a 4'6" 260lbs

We provide you with a variety of propane tank specs so that you can select a propane tank that fit your need. Also, quality Propane’s trained staff can help you determine which propane tank specs would be best suited for your application, or if you have special requirements for propane tank specs, we can work with you to customize your own propane tank according to your specs, offering you a variety of materials and options.

various of propane tank specs for sale
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