Press Braking

The press forming is one of the most widely used steel process method, we can handle the thin material to form a very sharp angle and also make the super thick plate (up 300mm) to bend and curve into cylinder and cone or other certain shape.
In help of the various equipment of different working ranges, we can supply the formed steel material in many different size and shape like multiple position pressing and eccentric press. The comprehensive press braking solutions can greatly reducing the quantity of welding job followed.
In the practical work, we always found the standard size steel profile can’t fit in the structure size. A lot of waste and extra work will happen. The non-standard steel profile like hollow section, Hexagon, Octagon, or Triangular and multi-formed sections are available from our flexible solution and advanced press brake. You can always rely on us for the right parts for your project.
• Max length Up to 10,000mm
• Max thickness up to 300mm
• Bevelled End / Edge preparing service
• Pipe Forming / shallow multi- radius pressings

CNC Hydraulic Press

cnc hydraulic press

The hydraulic press machine is able to handle steel plate over 200mm thickness. And form the plate in required shape, applicable for metal material to stretching, bending, flanging, cold extrusion, cutting, etc, also applies to calibration, pressure fitting, pulverulent product, abrasive products for pressure molding and plastic products pressure molding.
Head is the end shield on the storage tank and pressure vessel, is one of the main pressure components. The quality of the head is directly related to the long-term safe and reliable operation of the storage tank and pressure vessel. The machine working pressure, pressing speed and stroke can be adjusted within the specified parameter range, greatly improved the quality of containers.

Parameter :
Cylinder maximum output force:15T
maximum pressure:1000T

Formed Steel Channel
Formed steel channel


Muti Angel Formed Plate
Muti angel formed plate

Thick Sheet Formed Tank Segment
Thick sheet formed tank segment

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