Plate Rolling

With the multi roller plate rolling machine, we can handle the plate rolling of alumium, steel, stainless steel , galvanized steel,sheet metal, mild steel and wear resistant steel. The plate can be build into full and segmented cylinders,  cones in full piece or in parts. After rolling, the formed products are used from light gauge pipes of ventilation system to heavy industry like engineer machine and steel mill.
Multi-radius rolling, helical rolling, plate mandrel rolling can be provided for customized requirement.
Various material from stainless steel, galvanized steel, mild steel and aluminium can be rolled.

Steel Plate Rolling Value-Added Services.
We can
Cut : saw cut, torch cut, plasma cut.
Bevel: single Bevel, double bevel, with or without a land.
Welding:  CNG, MIG, submerged welding.
Steel Plate Rolling Applications
Metal steel plate rolling services are used for metal duct tube, circular tank walls, machine frame, piping,  ranking stacks, and constructions.

3-Roller Plate Rolling Machine

3-roller plate rolling machine
Parameter :
Maximum thickness : 140mm
Maximum width : 3200mm

Plate Rolling Cone Segment

Thick Steel Sheet Rolling With Bevel
Thick steel sheet rolling with bevel

Plate Rolled Cone
Plate rolled cone

Stainless Stell Plate Rolling Cylinder
Stainless steel plate rolling cylinder



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