Pipe And Tube Bending

Before  get into this topic, we need to clarify the difference between pipes and tubes. 
Pipes are used to transport some fluid material like water and oil, and the pipes always work with pressure inside it. The size of pipes are described by ID inside diameter and WL wall thickness.
Tubes are used as structure parts, like support frame and columns. The size of tubes are measured by OD outside diameter. And the WL wall thickness size tolerance of tubes are always higher than pipes because of the different usage.
Divided by shape, all the pipes and tubes are basically one of the three forms, round ,square and rectangular(and we call all the pipes and tubes as pipe for short). By using the advanced bending machine, like the 4 roller rolling machine, hydraulic pipe bender,and cnc bending machine, we can formed the pipes into different angles and prescribed radius. 
The table following briefs the working range of our products, and you can detail us more about your requirement. 

round bended tube
round bended tube stucture
Round tube bending
all sizes up to: 24” Schedule 80.
Outside dimension=610mm/wall thickness=31mm

square bended tube

square bended tube structure
Square tube bending
all sizes up to: 16” Square Tube; 20” x 12” x ½”
Outside dimension=510mm/wall thickness=16mm

bended square tube

bended square tube structure
Square tube bending
all sizes up to: 12” x 5/8”
Outside dimension=510mm/wall thickness=16mm

bended rectangular tube

bended rectangular tube structure
Rectangular Tube The Easy Way (Y-YAxis)
all sizes up to: 20” x 12” ½”
Outside dimension=510mm/wall thickness=18mm

bended rectangular tubes

bended rectangular tubes structure
Rectangular Tube The Hard Way (X-X Axis)
all sizes up to: 20” x 12” x ½”
Outside dimension=610mm/wall thickness=31mm

Value added service
In addition to pipe and tube bending, we also supply the drill, saw and flame cutting, and welding.
Pipe bending range
We are able to meet most requirement  for our client used in different OEM applications,
Like frame protection, roll-over protection, trailers, arches, roofs and portal usage.

Bending Stainless Steel Square Tube

U bended stainless steel pipe

bended tube for truck frames
Bended tube for truck frames

stainless steel bendied tube
Stainless Steel Bended Tube

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