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More LNG Tank Will Be Needed After the United Nations Climate Conference in Paris

Energy-saving has became the top priority for the development of world today

need more lng tank after UN climate change conference in parisThe UN Climate Change Conference held in Paris on 30th November 2015 local time, Chinese president Xi Jinping attended this conference. The primary goal of this meeting is to reach a new legally-binding global agreement, which is applicable to all parties, to reduce CO2, in the context of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
It is well-known that the large-scale use of old energy has led to sharp rise in carbon emissions and greenhouse gases, since twentieth century, the global temperatures continues to rise. In order to reduce the emission of CO2, protect the earth environment, energy-saving and emission-reduction has became the top priority for the development of world today.

Adopt LNG as the source energy can reduce the use of coal and crude oil, so that greatly promote the environment protection. As a kind of clean energy, liquid natural gas can reduce the emissions of sulfur dioxide and dust nearly 100%, can reduce the emission of carbon dioxide nearly 60%,and can reduce the emission of oxynitride nearly 50%, what’s more, it can also help to reduce the formation of acid rain, alleviate the greenhouse effect, improving the environment quality fundamentally.

LNG tank will usher in a good development opportunity in the future

using lng tank can help stop global warmingChina has firmly made its clear views to strive to control the carbon dioxide peak in advance around 2030. What’s more, it will strive to control the carbon intensity reduce 60% to 65% on the foundation of 2005, non fossil energy accounts for the proportion of primary energy reached about 20%, forest volume increase of 4,500,000,000m3. Therefore, as a new green energy, liquid natural gas has ushered in a good development opportunity. As the related corollary equipment, LNG tank and LPG tank will also win opportunity to some extent.

At present, LNG tank and LPG tank have steady growth trend, thanks to the influence of Paris Climate Conference, it will be further development.

What is LNG tank

LNG tank is a special container to store liquefied natural gas(LNG), belongs to special equipment, Ⅲ pressure vessel. It is widely used as chemical fuel, domestic fuel, automobile fuel, cogeneration, heat pump, SOFC, etc. The most significant feature of LNG tank is to store LNG in a very low temperature of -162 °C (-260 °F), it is a kind of cryogenic tank.

ANSON has been committed to LNG tank manufacturing for decades

Since ANSON established, we began to focus on the production of LNG tank to provide our customers with excellent solutions for liquefied natural gas storage. With unremitting efforts in the past decades years, there are ANSON LNG tanks in most parts of the world, securing the company with an enviable global reputation, especial our double-wall LNG tank and full containment tanks, have wined the reputation and trust from our customers.
lng tank for salesale

ANSON LNG tank construction

ANSON LNG tank construction mainly include vertical tank, horizontal tank, atmospheric tank, and full containment tank with capacity right from 200m3 to 10,000m3, other specifications can also be fabricated according to your particular needs. The pipe of ANSON LNG tank is commonly austenitic stainless steel pipe, because of its excellent low temperature properties. Insulation type of ANSON LNG tank adopts vacuum powder insulation technology, the material of tank cylinder and pipe adopt OCr18Ni austenitic stainless steel, the outer tank cylinder is made of high quality carbon steel Q345R steel plates for pressure vessels.

Part of ANSON LNG tank specification  

capacity / m3 200 300 400 500 600 800
inner tank size Φ6000×7860 Φ7000×8690 Φ7500×10060 Φ9000×8922 Φ8100×12871 Φ9000×13635
external dimension Φ8500×10650 Φ9500×1730 Φ9800×12573 Φ11200×11382 Φ10600×15416 Φ11400×16290
capacity / m3 1000 2000 3000 4500 5000 10000
inner tank size Φ10000×15280 Φ13500×15750 Φ16200×17195 Φ19000×19343 20000×19415 25000×24895
external dimension Φ12200×16800 Φ16000×15750 Φ18500×20010 Φ21400×21242 Φ22400×21870 Φ27000×27373

LNG tank has a strict quality identification for the pressurized components material, tank size, weld seam quality, tank performance, installation quality, internals, and safety accessories. Every ANSON field erected tank will be accepted a series of routine testing, such as nondestructive test and magnetic particle inspection through X-ray for the tank weld seam, welding joint, tank header, and the geometrical position of each pressure element, etc; hydrostatic test; mechanical property test and chemical composition inspection for tank material; sealing property rest and pressure resistance test for the whole tank, and other essential technology index test which will effect the safety performance of the LNG tank.  

Three dimensional map of lng tank

three dimensional map of lng tank 1 three dimensional map of lng tank 2 three dimensional map of lng tank 3
three dimensional map of lng tank 4 three dimensional map of lng tank 5 three dimensional map of lng tank 6
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