Laser Cutting

Laser cutting cuts the metal by laser beams to strike on the metal. During metal cutting, the laser beam transits so much heat and energy to the metal that the metal quickly melts or even vaporized. Because of the laser beam can be controlled and measured to a very accurate size, and the extremely short cutting time. The heat effect is very small and only happens in a very narrow zone. What’s more, the cutting accuracy can reach 0.01mm that flame cutting can never come close.
Advantages of laser cutting
High cutting temperature. The cutting energy is created by laser beam so it can generate very high temperature on the metal , which means stainless steel and other nonferrous metal can be handled.
High accuracy. The cutting edge was made by the concentrated laser beams so it is very smooth and flat. 
The working size range and accuracy.
Thickness (mm) (in)  Tolerance (mm) (in) 
0.50 – 3.00  0.019 - 0.118 +/- 0.25 +/- 0.009
3.00 – 6.00  0.118 - 0.236 +/- 0.38 +/- 0.015
6.00 – 15.00  0.236 - 0.590 +/- 0.63 +/- 0.025
15.00 – 25.00  0.590 - 0.984 +/- 0.63 +/- 0.025
Applications: Very thin metal plates that can’t afford the heat deformation of flame cutting. Machine parts ask for high accuracy, and complex cutting design. 
We have both laser cutter and cnc laser cutter to meet your different laser cutting standards , and a complete set of  laser cutting service from laser cut designs to transport is  ready for you!

Laser Cutting And Press Braking
Laser cutting And Press Braking

Laser cutting
Laser Cutting 

Precise Laser Cutting
Precise Laser Cutting

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