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Two Aspects to prolong the service life of oil storage tank

In general, the contained oil in storage tank is some of the flammable and explosive oil, which has brought great challenges for the use safety of oil storage tank. What’s more, most of the conditions that the oil tank stored are bad, especially when they are stored outdoor, it is inevitable to subjected to rain. Poor environment of using oil storage tank will lead serious problems such as corrosion and leakage, which will not only shorten the  lifespan of oil storage tank, but also cause serious economic losses to the enterprises.

two aspects of oil storage tank maintain

Thus, how to prolong the service life of oil storage tank has become a topic to be discussed. Today, I will give some suggests from both the oil tank manufacturers and users.

For users: Do regular oil tank inspection and cleaning

Service life is closely related to the use method, but in the ordinary use, there are many problems we are not noticed. Thus to improve the service life of the oil storage tank, the daily maintenance is very important. The regular oil tank cleaning and inspection can not only prevent the stored oil from being polluted by outside, but also allow the user has an accurate grasp of the oil storage tank situation to avoid greater security risks.

Mechanical impurities mixed into the stored oil will not only plug the filter and oil circuit, cause oil supply failure, but also increase the wear of oil tank accessories, even cause friction, surface scratches and other adverse consequences. Water mixed in oil tank can corrode accessories (water frozen in low temperature will plug the oil circles); the existence of water in oil tank will cause some additives like detergent dispersant, antioxidant, anti knock agent, decompose and precipitate, making it ineffective; for some of oil, when there is water in it, the oxidation rate of oil will be accelerated, and the production amount of resin will also added. In addition, the acidic water layer deposited on the bottom of the oil stoage tank can accelerate the corrosion of oil tank, causing the tank wall to be thin and even leakage.

oil tank cleaning and inspection

The regular daily oil storage tank cleaning and maintain can prolong the service life

For oil tank manufacturers: High quality is fundamental

The oil tank manufacturers should provide high quality oil storage tank to customers to help prolong the service life and reduce cost of customers. For the production process of oil storage tank, adjust the alloy composition to improve its mobility; increase the pouring temperature and speed properly, prevent the chlorination of the molten metal in the pouring process; improve the composition of molding sand and coating to prevent the chemical reactions between mold wall and molten metal; appropriately improve the mold temperature during the casting of metal mold.

high quality oil storage tank can prolong its service life

The oil storage tank should be made of high quality nodular graphite cast iron, which can reduce the content of sulphur, gas and foreign impurity in the base iron metal; reduce the addition amount of magnesium to reduce the amount of magnesium in nodular graphite cast iron under the premise of ensuring the balling; adjust the carbon content and carbon equivalent, properly improve the balling temperature and strengthen inoculation treatment to reduce the viscosity of liquid iron; adopt casting ladle with good blocking effect, before pouring, ensure the molten iron stay in the casting ladle for enough time to make the slag and foreign impurity float adequately.

The oil storage tank should adopts protective atmosphere melting and casting of magnesium alloy to prevent molten metal from chlorination; the pouring position and pouring system setting should ensure the molten metal be balance quickly and the cavity be filled, shorten the abandon process, adopt the vacuum suction casting.

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