Wear Plate Hardox

We can roll, bend and press the hardox plate to preset radius with our rolling machines.  All of the material we choose are high quality hardox like hardox 400,hardox450,hardox500,hardox600,hardox700,etc.  Also value add process like bolts hole, welding, punching drilling are available.
The hardox plate are famous for its great performance to wear resistance. But the outstanding advantage comes at a high price, so the hardox usually work as liner plate together with the supporting  plate.
Power industry.  Fan blades, burner piping, transporting and hopper lining, crusher parts, coal mill parts, ash pipe, air treatment system and transport aircraft.
Steel mill. Bin liner plate,  sliding plate, mesh screen plate,  hardox shell for boiler furnace, Reinforced steel sintering,  blast boiler,  feed cylinder pipe, distribution plate, dump truck, hopper, etc
Cement industry.  Impact plate of powder concentrator's blade pump casing pipe mill liners crusher parts slag trough various chassis vibrating screen plate etc.
Glass industrial.  Fan impeller fan blade plate , scale board for hub plate ,fan machine mouth, easy worn parts, etc
Mining industry.  Truck cargo tank lining board, hopper lining, transporting tank liners, crusher parts, cover plate, wear-resistant and wear-resistant plate
Coal transporting.  Tank processing industry, hopper, crusher parts and lining plate, coal conveying pipe, elbow, scraper conveyor plate, pump body.

Double Linkage CNC Bending Machine

double linkage cnc bending machine
Parameter Name Figure Unit Note
Maximum shear plate thickness 12 mm σb≤450N/mm2
Maximum shear plate width 16000 mm  
Throat Depth 450 mm  
The Shear Angle 0.5-2.5 °  
Blade gap 0.08-1.6 mm  
Number of stroke 5-15 1/min Include the smallest block trip
Upper turret maximum stroke 400 Mm  
Maximum shearing force 620 kN  
Maximum press force 535 kN  
Maximum working pressure 25 MPa  
Block range of back gauge 10-1000 Mm  

rolled hardox plate with beveled edge
Rolled hardox plate with beveled edge

rolled hardox segment
Rolled hardox segment

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