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How to choose water tank, Steel or Plastic?

Industrial production and daily life often need to store water, the choice of water tank is a point can not be ignored. Generally, water tank can be divided into steel water tank and plastic water tank, and then some people often can’t help wondering: which is better between steel water tank and plastic water tank? How can I choose the most suitable one for myself that can not only guarantee the water safety, but also reduce the cost of investment as much as possible? According to decades of our water tank manufacturing experiences, the following article will give you a detailed introduction.
choose a suitable water tank
The evident difference between steel water tank and plastic water tank is material, plastic water tank mostly adopts PE material, while the steel water tank is usually a stainless steel tank. There are four main points need to be considered when we choose a suitable water tank - price, capacity, quality, and application.
how to choose a suitable water tank

Steel water tank ensures the water more clean

Steel water tank is becoming more and more popular as its excellent performance on strength、corrosion resistance and lifespan. This kind of water tank is suitable for the storage of drinking water in the daily life of small residential areas, office buildings, schools and small factories, and water storage for fire fighting. The most used steel water tank is stainless steel water tank as its good rust prevention performance, it can be divided into vertical water tank、horizontal water tank、transportation water tank, above ground water tank, underground water tank, etc.   
 steel water tank for sale

Stainless steel water tank advantages

  1. Stainless steel water tank has characteristics of attractive appearance, light weight, long service life, simple installation, low cost, wide application, etc.
  2. Hygiene, non – toxic, high resistance to corrosion, it can thoroughly reflect sunlight to absorb heat, and fully guarantee the clean water as the inside of stainless steel water tank does not breed algae.
  3. Stainless steel water tank is equipped with air filtration device、 inspection manhole and anti poising locking device, greatly preventing the stored water from secondary pollution. Nowadays, stainless steel water tank is one of the most popular water storage tanks all over the world.
  4. Stainless steel water tank has an excellent sealing, the special sealing design completely eliminates the invasion of harmful substances and mosquito into the tank, ensures the water neither be polluted by the external environment, nor breed bacteria.

Stainless steel water tank disadvantage

Because of the particularity of its production material, stainless steel water tank is just suitable for the industrial production and domestic water storage, it cannot store hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, or the liquid with larger basic and acidic content.

Plastic water tank is an ideal container for chemical solvent

The use range of plastic water storage tank contains the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, pesticide industry, metallurgical industry, etc. It is widely used for the secondary water supply and water storage of high building, auxiliary equipment for water treatment and purification. What’s more, plastic water tank can store most of organic solvents and be regarded as the reaction container, can partly replace stainless steel, titanium, high nickel alloy steel and other materials. PE plastic water tank is a perfect storage container for chemical reaction corrosion solution and cleaning solution.
 plastic water tank

Advantage of PE plastic water tank

Plastic water storage tank can store and reverse most of the inorganic acid, salt solvents and most organic solvents, can partly replace stainless steel titanium, nickel, high alloy steel and some other material. This kind of water storage tank conforms to the dangerous goods storage and transportation regulation, it is an ideal container for storage and reaction of chemical corrosion solvents and clean solvents.

Disadvantage of PE plastic water tank

The plastic PE water storage tank is made of low molecular material, belongs to ordinary pressure vessel, so it is easy to crack with weak anti – pressure ability, just suitable for atmospheric pressure.


From this comparison, it is easy to draw a conclusion that plastic water tank and steel water tank are all ideal containers for storing water, the differences between them is only in the change of use range and environment. Plastic water tank is suitable for atmospheric storage and acid and alkali solvent, while steel water tank can store water with higher requirement in hygiene and use safety. In a word, when choose our own water tank, we should not only follow the business advice but also take into account our own actual application environment.

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