Bar Bending

The steel bar are common used for connection and frame of structure, we can handle the flat bar and rebar in both easy and hard way on bending and round bar also available.

More Value-added service for you
We also supply the whole process chain for our client in clued: torch cut, bending, rough, plasma cut, punch, and saw cut, epoxy coating.

Beam Bending Applications
More and more structure and frames are made by this reliable and cost saving material, like heavy equipment, truck frame, tanks, roof supports, arches and building frames.
Brief limits of beam and T steel profile rolling
Beam Rolling :
Maximum size depends on directions of roll.

Beam Rolled the Easy Way
Beam rolled the easy way  -  Maximum W16 x 57
Beam Rolled the Hard Way
Beam rolled the hard way  -  Maximum W6 x 25
Tee Rolling : Maximum size ST6WF
Tee Stem Rolled Out
Tee stem rolled out  -  Maximum ST6WF
Tee Stem Rolled In
Tee stem rolled in  -  Maximum ST6WF
Tee Stem Rolled In
Tee stem rolled up  -  Maximum ST6WF

Curved Stainless Steel Bar
Curved stainless steel bar

Helical Bending of Flat Bars
Helical bending of flat bars

Off Axis Bending for Flat Bar
Off axis bending for flat bar

Round Bar Bending of 100mm
Round Bar bending of 100mm



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